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Spiritual Growth

Giving your life to Jesus is the beginning of your relationship with God,  but it’s just the beginning.  Growing in your relationship with God is the adventure of a lifetime.  You may need to replace some old habits with new activities.  So, here is some help with getting your first steps in the right direction.  

Next Steps


Following Jesus isn’t just about believing, it’s also about belonging.  When you became a Christian you became part of the family of God.  The Bible says we are to love one another, serve one another, encourage one another and pray for one another.  The fact is fellowship with other believers is a vital part of spiritual growth.  Jesus is building his church, and he wants you to be an active part of it.  We would love for you to come to the Chapel, but if that’s not feasible, find a good bible teaching church near you and start worshiping with your brothers and sisters this weekend.  


You can’t grow in a relationship with someone you don’t communicate with, and you won’t grow in your relationship with God without regular, consistent times of prayer.   The God who created you wants to hear from you.  One of the great joys of walking with Jesus is experiencing  a personal relationship with God and the confidence of knowing that God listens to His children.  Here you can learn about three different kinds of prayer: Continual Prayer,  Crisis Prayer,  Daring Prayer.

Read your Bible

The Bible is like food for the soul.  In its pages you will find spiritual nourishment.  Everything you need to know to grow in your relationship with God you will find in the Scriptures.  Through prayer you talk to God, and through the scripture God will speak to you.  The Bible is called the Word of God, and through His Word you will find the instruction you need to pursue His will.  If you are new to the Bible, start with the Gospel of John and read a chapter a day. You can get started here:  The Bible

Essential Steps


Jesus calls everyone who follows him to be baptized.  Baptism is taking a public stand as a follower of Jesus.  It’s a physical expression of a spiritual reality.  Spiritually Jesus has cleansed you of your sin, and when you get baptized you are going on record that you are a follower of Jesus Christ.  Here you can watch some people who have taken the next step: Baptisms


God gave you gifts, talents and abilities that he wants to use for his glory.  Learning about Jesus and studying the bible are crucial to spiritual growth, but just as important is living out what you are learning.  Make a difference by getting involved in a local church and using your talents to serve others.  Jesus said he came “not to be served but to serve…” and in serving others you are following in the steps of Jesus.


One of the best things you can do to grow in your faith is to find a mentor.  Ask someone who has been  walking with Jesus for awhile to disciple you: to meet with you on a regular basis, to study the bible together, to pray together and to encourage you in your faith.

Share Your Faith

When you have good news you cannot help but want to share it, and you have the greatest news of all.  You don’t have to be an expert in theology before you can share your faith.  You can share what you know: your story!  You have found a relationship with God.  You know what he has done in your life.  Pass it on.  Jesus said, “Go into all the world and preach the good news.”

Share Your Story

We love to hear what God is doing in people’s lives.  If you have made a decision to surrender your life to Jesus, we would love to read your story.


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